Main Electrical Panel

The Main electrical panel is where electricity comes in from the utility’s meter and is then distributed throughout the home.

The flow of electricity through the home goes something like this: Electricity comes into the panel via wires that come from the electric meter. It then flows through a ‘main breaker’ or sometimes called the ‘service disconnect’. The main breaker can turn off electricity to the entire home unless there is a solar panel system installed in the home. If you have a solar system on your home see ‘Solar System Connected’ below. From the main breaker electricity flows through ‘bus bars’ (metal plates) to smaller circuit breakers that then have wires connected to them that distribute electricity throughout the home to devices like light bulbs, appliances, etc. Now, for electricity to flow you need a ‘complete circuit’. So you need a way for the electricity to ‘return’ to the electrical panel after it passes through devices in the home. It does this through wires that connect to neutral bus bars in the main panel. The neutral bus bars are then connected to the power company’s wires completing the circuit.

Below is a list of defects and various information articles about main electrical panels and their potential defects. I’ve organized them in alphabetical order so they are easier to find.

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