Electrical Panel Locations -or- Where’s My Electrical Panel?

Electrical panels can be located on the exterior of a home, inside a garage, in a basement or somewhere in the living space of the home.

If you’re having trouble finding the electrical panel in your home it could be hiding behind a picture, a door or a panel. I’ve even found them inside kitchen cabinets! One good clue is to look and see where the electrical meter is on the outside of the home. The panel is often inside the house on the opposite side of the same wall, or nearby. It could also be on a different level of the home but in the same general area. If that doesn’t help, look for it by wandering through your home in a clockwise, or counter-clockwise direction moving along every wall in the home. If there’s an island in the home jump to move along those island walls at one spot and jump back to the other walls when you’re done with the island. As you go, look inside cabinets and closets you pass, behind doors and behind anything hanging on the wall. Generally electrical panels are about shoulder height. But I’ve found them near ceilings, under decks and other weird places.

Electrical panel behind water heater is hard to access and service.
That’s an electrical panel back there! Very hard to service, and access!!!

Good luck with your search. Touch base with us if you need some help.

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