Electric Meter

An electric meter is a device the electric utility company installs on ever home to measure the amount of electricity you use. Electricity to your home runs through the meter before being sent to your main electrical panel, sometimes called a distribution panel.

Your electric meter is ‘read’ once a month in order to bill you for the electricity you’ve used. It is read either directly by a ‘meter reader’ that comes around to read the meter, or remotely. In most places it’s likely read remotely because in 14 years of being in the same house I’ve never had a meter reader come into my back yard to read it.

Over the years I haven’t documented many defects with the meter or the meter box in which the meter is enclosed and plugged into the electrical system. But the one I have seen enough to warrant an easily checked defect in my inspection software is:

Meter Box Loose at the Wall

The box that the meter is plugged into should be securely attached to the wall of the home. If it’s loose it’s a potential safety hazard and should be fixed.

The possible cause of a meter box being loose can be several: unsecured wires pulling on the box, fastener failure, conduit that is attached to it being pulled down by settling soils, etc. Any cause that is found should be corrected.

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