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HouseKnowHow.com was designed and developed by me, Martin Newmark. I have been a home inspector, primarily for real estate transactions for the past 15 years. I have inspected thousands of homes in the Denver/Boulder metro area. On this site I document the knowledge I have amassed during my home inspection career, and my time working on, and trying to understand, homes and their systems. I hope you find on this site what you are looking for. If not, use the contact page to ask me a question or to make a suggestion.

Home Defect and Information Database

Below is a compilation of home defects and general information that I have discovered, learned and documented over the years. To find what you’re looking for click on the area you are interested in and drill down to more detailed areas of your home, or use the search button at the top of every page to try to find what you are interested in faster.

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